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Shawn’s goal with Game On is to demonstrate that anyone can learn to cook like him, “Prep-to-Plate in 30 Minutes.” Shawn has dubbed himself as “an enthusiastic cook”, he does not proclaim to be a chef.  His onscreen personality is what he is like in real life; full of life, outgoing and entertaining.  Shawn also likes to say “it’s so easy a guy can do it”, referring to the meals he prepares. 

Shawn is a self-taught cook whose life-long passion for wild game and foraged food. The 100-acre family farm in Punxsutawney now serves as a retreat and hunting lodge for Shawn’s immediate and extended family of over 60 cousins.

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Food, family and a good time is the focal point of all events at the farm.  Shawn's food is always a hit.

Shawn learned to cook from his father and grandfather who made wild game meals the hub of family gatherings and harvesting food from the land an important family tradition.

Nothing is more satisfying than gathering and preparing your own food especially when the whole family is involved. Shawn Bailey takes the lessons he learned on the family farm and passes them down to you so you can start your own traditions over delicious wild food.

Shawn is a big supporter of the outdoors and natural living believing there is nothing more satisfying than enjoying a great meal you collected, preserved, and cooked yourself.  Shawn has spent a lifetime hunting, fishing, and gathering and emphasizes ethical hunting and responsible harvesting as critical to not only ensuring the best meal but also preserving resources for future generations.

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Shawn’s family is typical of today’s busy household.

His wife is a working professional and his teenaged daughter is involved in sports and activities. Shawn cooks for his family and knows how hard it is to get everyone together around the dinner table. That’s why almost all of his recipes offer gourmet quality meals from preparation to plate in thirty minutes

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  • Game On! subscribes to Aldo Leopold’s philosophy for wilderness conservation; “Ethical behavior is doing the right thing when no one else is watching – even when doing the wrong thing is legal.”
  • Game On!  encourages and supports ethical harvesting of all animal and plant species – Fur, Feather, Fin and Forage.
  • Game On! strives to handle and prepare nature’s bounty as it is meant to be – without additives, hormones or artificial ingredients. 
  • Game On! exhibits how to hunt and harvest wild food in a way that’s ethical and sustainable, ensuring future generations get to experience the healthy eating nature provides.
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Cooking was a trait handed down to the men in Shawn’s family from his grandfather, uncles and father. Growing up with all the men cooking, it was only natural for Shawn to be in the kitchen.

Game On! Prep to Plate in 30 Minutes is a cooking show hosted by cooking and outdoor enthusiast Shawn Bailey. Shawn draws from his hunting, fishing, and foraging experience gained on the family farm turned hunting cabin to bring simple-to-prepare gourmet meals from field to table.