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Shawn Bailey

Game On!

Making great meals from wild food is not as tough as you think; I tell people my recipes are “so simple a guy can do it.”   People who never cooked with wild game are going to find out by watching the show that it’s just like cooking with any other food, and there are some tips that I share that will make wild game and foraged food taste even better than what you get from the store.

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Online cooking show chef Shawn Bailey shares some pointers for cooking wild game with author C.L. Marshall. Bailey’s “Game On!” cooking show was filmed live at the 46th Annual Waterfowl Festival.

.....​The aroma of pan-roasted, bacon-wrapped venison drew about 30 audience members to a live taping of Game On! online cooking show in a tent at the Elks Lodge. The host, Shawn Bailey of Punxsutawney, Pa., engaged the audience and had them applauding, laughing and complimenting the cook by the time his 30-minute show ended. Several in the audience were surprised by the culinary result. “It’s wonderful,” said one audience member who sampled the venison dish, “and I don’t eat deer meat.”......

Game On - Ep. 6 -

The Ultimate Pumpkin Pie

Game On - Ep. 4 - Pheasant al Mattone

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Game On - Ep. 2 -

Halupki For A Hundred

Game On - Ep. 1 - Bacon Wrapped Venison

Shawn Bailey ....If you have watched any of my episodes you see that I strive to keep it simple. That’s why the show is called, Game On! Prep-to-Plate in 30 Minutes.

CONNIE CONNOLLY, The Star Democrat,  Easton MD wrote about Shawn's appearance at The Easton Waterfowl Festival.

Game On - Ep. 5 - The Pennsylvania Burger

Game On - Ep. 3 - Marinated Rabbit

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