Chocolate Strawberry Wacky Cake

Wacky Cake gets its name from substituting normal cake ingredients for something different. In this case we are using mayonnaise instead of eggs. It is also called a Depression Cake because oil was initially used in place of eggs during the 1930’s when eggs were harder to get.

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Stuffed Mushroom Caps with Steelhead Trout

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Trout or Salmon Filling

Wild Turkey Stuffed Pepper

No one knows what to do with the turkey legs.  So a lot of hunters just breast out their turkeys and leave the less desirable legs behind because of the toughness. DONT!! They can be delicious  

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Summer sausage served with cheese and crackers

Use any kits you can buy at any outdoor store or grocery store. Just make sure it’s the complete kit with casings.  These kits are great as a starter but you can make them your own with spices and other ingredients. They can be done at home in the oven or in a smoker.