Rose Klaiber, Punsxutawney Spirit asked Shawn this question about the show:

What made you want to have your own cooking show?

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Shawn's Response:

I always loved to cook. My father, grandfather, and uncles were all into hunting, fishing, and foraging and cooked what they harvested. I remember growing up seeing them make wonderful meals from wild ingredients and my best memories were sharing those meals with family at the farm we use as a hunting lodge. They inspired me to not only hunt and fish but to constantly look for new ways to cook what I caught, and they also instilled in me a love for sharing what I make with others. Later, when I got married, my wife said that she didn’t cook so if I didn’t want to go hungry I had to cook myself. I tell people that as a joke but I would cook anyway, I just love coming up with new recipes and seeing people enjoy them.

A friend introduced me to Kevin Askew and Sean Whelan who were developing an idea for a wild game cooking show. They were searching for a host and we all met and it just seemed to click. They liked the fact that I had a strong family connection to harvesting and cooking wild foods and they also liked that my dishes are simple yet have gourmet quality, we developed a saying, Prep-to-Plate in 30 Minutes and we mostly keep to that. The first shoot was a bit rough. I figured shooting a cooking show was as easy as cooking with a camera on. The first show we did was at my house and they starting bringing in the equipment; the lights, the cameras, and the audio gear. That was my first indication that this wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought. When we shot the first segment I was staring at the camera like a deer caught in headlights, sweating, and not able to remember my own name. It’s more work than people think. But what I enjoy most about it is sharing what I learned, just like my parents and grandparents shared it with me. Through the show I feel like I can invite people to the family farm and hopefully inspire families to get together and hunt, fish, forage, and enjoy time around the dinner table again.

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