Wild Harvest Initiative

Recreational wild harvest In North America should be viewed as one of the most sustainable, healthy, and environmentally friendly food procurement systems in existence.  Each year in Canada and the United States nearly fifty million people partake in the legal harvest and consumption of animals and fish obtained through hunting and angling.  The Wild Harvest Initiative is a landmark project designed by Conservation Visions to evaluate the economic and social benefits of recreational wild animal harvests in Canadian and American societies. Founded upon and driven by a diverse partnership of individuals, business interests, NGOs and government agencies, the project’s mission is to provide a first-ever evaluation of the biomass and economic value of wild food harvested by recreational hunters and anglers in Canada and the United States and to assess the wider community of consumers who share in this harvest.  The Initiative’s outcomes will contribute to conversations about the relevance of such wild animal harvest in modern North American society, exploring its connections to the conservation of wild lands and waters, the environment, and our own food security.  By conjoining these insights with existing economic assessments of recreational hunting and angling, and by evaluating the costs and mechanisms that might be considered necessary to replace this wild food harvest, the Wild Harvest Initiative will also help focus a wider question facing conservation policy institutions; namely, if hunting and angling were to cease tomorrow, what would be the consequences?

To learn more about the Wild Harvest Initiative, please click here www.conservationvisions.com/wild-harvest-initiative

Organizations that are working towards protecting and enhancing the traditions us outdoor enthusiasts appreciate is something we all should support.”

– Host Shawn Bailey

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"Knowing the value of hunting and fishing is something that I grew up with.  Many of us understand what it means to hunt or fish for our own food and the enjoyment that brings

We also understand that we are directly contributing to the conservation and propagation of the various animals that we harvest.  Without people like us wildlife would not be here for us to enjoy, pursue and consume.